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Diabetes Awareness and Screenings: About

Diabetes Overview

Kentucky ranks eighth highest in the U.S. for diabetes prevalence. Diabetes is linked with heart
disease, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, amputation and other long term medical

Prediabetes occurs when blood sugar is higher than normal but not high enough for diabetes to
be diagnosed. Approximately 12% of Kentucky adults have diagnosed prediabetes. It is
estimated that 2.5 times more Kentuckians have undiagnosed prediabetes.

Diabetes Awareness and Screenings: Welcome

Special cameras used to detect issues caused by diabetes in the eyes

Using our special camera to detect damage to the eye from diabetes

Providing free diabetes screenings for the community

Diabetes Awareness and Screenings: Inventory

Our Actions

Diabetes and/or prediabetes can be managed and possibly prevented if the person knows they
have a problem with it. To educate the community, the Lexington Lions Club provides free
screening clinics. Trained personnel conduct a lifestyle survey to determine the person’s
likelihood of being prediabetic. A blood test is done to determine the A1C level, a predictor of
diabetes. A retinal image is made with a special camera and sent to a cooperating physician to
check for diabetic related damage to the eye. After review the person is then contacted with
recommendations. These services are provided at no cost to the individual.

Since its beginning, the Bluegrass Lions Diabetes Project has screened 683 Central Kentuckians with the lifestyle survey. Of these, 62% scored an elevated risk factor. A total of 848 were screened for A1C with
564 scoring in the normal range, 142 scoring in the Pre-Diabetes range and 141 scoring in the Diabetes range. All 283 participants with elevated scores were counseled about seeing their doctor, eating healthier and attending prevention and Diabetes management programs. An additional 222 Retinal Imaging screening with 15% indicating some pathology were conducted. All participants were made aware of their results and the retina doctor’s recommendations.

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Diabetes Awareness and Screenings: Welcome
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Diabetes Awareness and Screenings: Inventory
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